Stompin' Tom In Live Concert - DVD

Stompin' Tom In Live Concert - DVD

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This Concert was filmed at Hamilton Place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, during Stompin’ Tom’s 2005 Concert Tour. See how the Moment was Magic for Tom’s fans in High Definition quality. And now, at long last, the Stompin’ Tom Concert Experience can be taken home and enjoyed by all. This is Great Stuff!

CHAPTERS: Songs / Interviews

  1. Opening*
  2. Bud, The Spud
  3. Tillsonburg
  4. The Ketchup Song
  5. “My Fans Put Me Here”*
  6. Luke’s Guitar
  7. Margo’s Cargo
  8. Hockey Mom Tribute
  9. The Hockey Song
  10. “My Songs, My Country & Awards”*
  11. Big Joe Mufferaw
  12. Believe In Your Country
  13. Moon-Man Newfie
  14. Rubberhead
  15. Mirazha
  16. Take Me Back To Old Alberta
  17. Red River Jane
  18. “Chatting With The Fans”*
  19. Gumboot Cloggeroo
  20. Around The Bay And Back Again
  21. Zakuska Polka
  22. New Brunswick And Mary
  23. “How The Stomp Began”*
  24. Sudbury Saturday Night


Extras: Acoustic songs and comments from Tom in private. Reversing Falls Darling / My Home Cradled Out In The Waves / Saint John Blues


Bonus: Music Videos: I am the Wind / Blue Berets / Margo’s Cargo